Hounding StonyLive!

Coope, Boyes and Simpson
Coope, Boyes and Simpson

The annual StonyLive! feast gets underway on Saturday, and we call it a feast with good reason – just shy of 70 events are planned over the nine days.

It is testament to a small, but dedicated team of volunteers that StonyLive! not only continues to rear its head annually, but is a multi-faceted beast of a party!

Music monsters will be able to sate appetites with a wondrous amount of stuff on the menu: Michael Buble and Sinatra tributes, resident hoppers The Bullfrogs, good time jazz with erm, Good Time Jazz, and The King Biscuit Boys.

Or how about popping in to The Fox & Hounds on a Thursday night?

Terry Marshall and the Hounds are always right for a tasty mix of blues and jazz...with a little humour to boot.

The Cock Hotel has Michele Welborn & Steve McDaniel booked in, while Dansmall and Friends will get busy upstairs at The Crown.

An event highlight will undoubtedly be the arrival of Coope, Boyes and Simpson, who will play under The Song Loft banner on Wednesday evening.

‘The kings of unaccompanied harmonies plunder unlikely sources as they knit immaculate vocals into songs of withering observation on sleaze culture, modern politics and all points beyond.’

Tickets are £10 in advance, and buy them upfront you should, or get set for disappointment.

“From Bluegrass to Blues Blah Brothers, we got it all,” says event chairman Andy Powell.

“We even have a Belgian Marching Band at the day of dance.”

But not everything runs around dance.

How about popping over to the Classic Car and Motorcycle Show on Sunday, with gleaming bodies parked up all over town!

Also on Sunday, Mortimer Park is holding a big lunch, and on Tuesday, the Comedy Cow pops in to The Crown.

Poet’s Corner, ‘an informal gathering for people who love reading and writing poetry’ will operate from the town library on Tuesday too, between 7 and 9.30pm.

Read, recite or listen...and nibble on a biscuit or too!

An Evening with the Bard and Friends is also in the diary, at The Crown, next Friday, June 7.

Stony Live: June 1-10, 2013

For comprehensive listings, visit www.stonylive.co.uk