INDIEscreet night out to kickstart new week

The Phantom Band...coming out of the Loch
The Phantom Band...coming out of the Loch

HAD enough of bland, droney bands peddling their formulaic drear?

You should have. You should be seeking music that wires, inspires and provokes. And The Phantom Band certainly do that on their current opus, The Wants which has been described as ‘a forest of tuned percussion, poly-rhythmic group vocals, fuzz guitars and medieval electronics.’

Arcane folk melodies and gothic lyrical imagery straddle vintage analogue synths and primitive drum machines. Oh, and there is musical inspiration from doo-wop and Tom Waits.

Light and shade and mist, and plenty of the off-kilter in this multi-layered delivery from a bunch of Scots who, when not messing with instrumentation to positive effect, choose to go messing around in the Lochs of their homeland – shift your peeps to the right for the evidence.

On Monday night, you’ve two choices.

Stay home and remain ignorant, or take a chance and soak up The Phantom Band in the live, when they breath life into the new week at the SNO! bar in Xscape.

If you choose the latter, decidedly more smart choice, then make sure you are tucked inside the venue before Kilto Take show out too.

The Medical Records signings are a fresh product in the literal sense, and it didn’t take long for the band to make impact – they were signed after only their eighth gig.

The first fruits of the partnership with Medical Records can be heard now on the debut, self-titled EP.

Indie-rock but with more bite than the usual and more class than the majority.

The Beds-Herts based three piece will be with you sometime after 7.30pm.

Tickets are £6 on the door for the show brought to you by INDIE screet promotions.