Jenny and Johnny are having fun now

Jenny and Johnny in warmer times!
Jenny and Johnny in warmer times!
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THE recipe: Take a Rilo Kiley member called Jenny and team her up with acclaimed singer-songwriter Johnathan Rice, and what do you get?

C’mon, it’s not difficult – Jenny and Johnny of course. But musically?

Now that might be a little bit harder to pin down.

The duo began writing together a little over a year ago, and during a nine day session of demo-ing in LA were so pleased with developments that they started a new band right away in order to finish the record, I’m Having Fun Now.

Although actually the two spent five weeks hunkered down in Nebraskan studios during the worst Midwestern winter since the 1860s.

If you have a copy of the newly issued opus, you will know already about the tougher, rougher sound that emerged from the shelter, and you might be aware of the two singers raising a middle-finger kiss off in the acerbic My Pet Snakes.

But how will it come across in the live?

You get your chance to find out on Sunday evening when Jenny and Johnny, who are relatively fresh off tour with Vampire Weekend, roll into Northampton Roadmender, hopefully attired more suitably for the Autumnal weather than in this picture!

Call for tickets on 01604 604222