Looking good in the Buff

Buffering logo
Buffering logo

IF you’ve not already done so, can we suggest that you pop into the Sunday evening soiree that is Buffering, and hosted at Wolverton’s Madcap Theatre in Wolverton.

The Compendium DJs break into action from 6pm with super juicy deliveries of ‘off-cuts, rarities, and the weird,’

Genre wise, just about anything goes – from folk to funk, soul to psychedelic rock, hip hip to be-bop, and krautrock to bus stop!

An open mic corner offers you a platform if you want to take it, whether you are an acoustic provider, poet or just out and out show off.

Run by the people, for the people, the Buffering goes on ‘til late with a bar sorting you with the wet stuff.

Step outside and go into the zone. Admission is free.