Make every day a record store day with Oxfam

Oxfam: In the groove
Oxfam: In the groove

On Saturday, fans of vinyl records will flock to independent record stores across the country, for the annual Record Store Day.

It’s a chance to get mitts on special releases, and rather fetching re-issues, aimed at bolstering the vinyl market, and increasing interest.

But vinyl records aren’t just for one day, they are for life, a fact that - thankfully for the vinyl junkies among us - not everyone realises.

When people have a tidy up, a spring clean or simply want to ‘make some space’ the inoffensive record is one of the first things shown the door, and a good proportion of them end up at charity shops, piled up in corners and scuffed up by shoppers with their trolleys and their lively kids.

But not at Oxfam’s fabulous Books and Music store in Olney, they don’t.

The small but perfectly formed shop, a stones throw away from the High Street, cares for its vinyl.

It looks after it, and celebrates it.

On Sunday, the shop is hosting a playback of the Ziggy Stardust album Hunky Dory, from start to finish. And they’ll be pushing up the volume dial for the experience.

If you like what you hear, you can take part in the silent auction and try to ‘Bag a bit of Bowie.’

Oxfam will use the occasion to showcase its vast collection of vinyl, CDs, books and DVDs, and with hundreds of vinyl records currently on the shop floor, there will be no shortage of goodies to be had.

“We are grateful for every item that people take the time to donate to us and to be able to have this record fair is a testament to the hard work of the volunteers involved and the generosity of the donors,” said shop manager Linda Hart-Jones, “Come and grab a bargain!”

For more details, call the Olney branch of Oxfam on 01234 714592.