Mighty Madison

A visit to The Stables for Madison Violet
A visit to The Stables for Madison Violet
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THE Syd Lawrence Orchestra arrive back at The Stables tomorrow evening with a brand new show, and On The Beat – according to those behind it, is ‘zippy, bold and exuberant’.

It is also choc-full of sounds by artists including Count Basie, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, as it ‘lovingly recreated the unabashed, unquestioning romance that music lovers had with big-bands in the mid-20th century.’

Splash twenty quid and start your own romance with the genre...

Alternatively, head across to Stage 2 and cop a loud of the Canadian folk-roots duo Madison Violet.

They appear at the venue as part of a brief UK tour to support their celebrated album No Fool For Trying.

Radio 2 ace Bob Harris called it simply ‘A wonderful album,’ and he wasn’t lying.

It’s delicate, fragile and perfectly put together.

Chilling out with a copy on a Sunday afternoon recently, the beautiful vocal collaboration was noted by others in the vicinity who have no usual fondness for ‘folk-roots’.

And at the tail end of 2010 they bagged the Maxwell Song of the Year at the annual John Lennon Songwriting Contest for the No Fool For Trying track, The Ransom.

Madison Violet have also been called city-folk and tumbleweed pop, which’ll do nicely.

Quality music comes at an affordable fee too – tickets are a steal at a tenner in advance, £12 on the doors.

Be warned though, this show has a slightly later start time of 8.45pm.

The venue takes a turn towards the tribute market this Saturday evening, and has booked John Hylton.

Hylton is a Neil Diamond impersonator, and by all accounts, he is a dream at it.

What do you say, UK Neil Diamond fan club?

‘...He most certainly gives a flawless performance, leaving you wanting more,’ they reckon.

And the man doing justice to the artist responsible for timeless, classic tracks like Love on the Rocks, Hello, Forever in Blue Jeans and Sweet Caroline takes his job seriously.

And then some.

“I intend to make people feel like they have just been to a real Diamond concert,” says John, “Nothing less will do – for them, or for me.”

Tickets to see the impersonator are clearly cheaper than the real deal though, although they still come in at £19.

Join John and his full band for a set of sparkling Diamond(s)...

The Fortunes show up on Sunday night, bringing a back catalogue of hits including Here It Comes Again, You’ve Got Your Troubles and Caroline with them.

That last mentioned number was adopted as the signature tune for pirate radio station Caroline, too.

Sophisticated orchestration, dual lead vocals and stylish counter-melodies allowed them to make headway in the mid-60s pop industry, and more than four decades on, they are still making theirs. Fortune, that is.

Tickets will set you back £16.

Fancy hitting the hard stuff?

The drumming workshop Beginners Conga might suit you.

Sunday’s session will run between 10am and 4pm and is open to all of those aged 15 years and up who have an interest in Latin-American rhythms.

This is all about the basic techniques of palm and finger movements, bass tones and slap and more besides.

Punt & Dennis start off the new week, but it’s no laughing matter that their show on Monday evening is sold-out and there is nowt else at the venue until Thursday.

That’s wiped the smile from your chops, hasn’t it?

Call MK 280800 to book for other dates.