Mum Anna looking forward to special night at Verandah Talk

Anna Jaichner
Anna Jaichner

‘I had better get a card!’

Speaking to songstress Anna Jaichner you can tell she is excited to celebrate Mother’s Day.

The jazz and soul singer will be performing at Indian restaurant, Verandah Talk, on Sunday night – after spending the day celebrating with her five-year-old boy.

“My son asked me why do you get a day?” she said.

“What about my day? I told him he gets everyday!

“He’s never understood Mother’s Day before, but now he does he’s quite excited that he can make me a card.

“He’s quite excited... and so am I.”

Anna will be the star attraction at Wolverton based Verandah Talk’s special Mothering Sunday event.

The singer has per­form­ed around the region with jazz bands and acous­tic duos since 2004, with beau­ti­ful ver­sions of clas­sics by the likes of Mar­vin Gaye and Joni Mitchell part of her rep­er­toire.

And Verandah Talk owner Taj Raja told the Citizen: “Anna’s amaz­ing soul­ful voice is the per­fect accom­pani­ment for a relax­ing even­ing with Mum.”

The restaurant, based at 1, Stratford Road, will be putting on a special Mother’s Day Sunday Buffet for £11.95 from 6pm on the day.

Anna graduated from Sheffield University with a music degree in 2004 and – aside from a break to go travelling – has been working in the local scene ever since. She said she will be singing a mix of jazz, soul and Motown numbers on Sunday.

But she did hint that things could get a bit more lively later in the evening – if Mum is up for a dance.

“At a restaurant gig you can’t throw in too much upbeat music. It is mainly background music,” she said.

“But I might step it up in the second set if people want to dance.”

Anna is currently recording her own original music at the moment, but told the Citizen she’s not too worried about hitting the big time.

“If my career did take off that would be lovely, but I’m in such a great position now.

“It is such a nice johb to have. If it was to stay the same way that would be fine.”

You can hear Anna singing Marvin Gaye’s ‘I heard it on the Grapevine’ on YouTube.

People can book to go to Verandah Talk’s Mothering Sunday event by call­ing 01908 317300.