O’Casan reveal the inspiration that produced Ricochet

O'Casan spill the beans to City Nights
O'Casan spill the beans to City Nights
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NEW city players O’Casan issued their debut album Ricochet recently, and their clean, crisp rock has turned a few ears.

Luke McDonnell takes us through the tracks...

Phasers Aren’t Set To Stun...

An observational song focusing on ‘chav-culture’ and gun crime. It’s something that almost all of us can relate to. ‘Please don’t call me blud and then threaten to mess me up.’ I personally had a lot of trouble with kids at school who would happily punch you for blinking, and did. Performance-wise this song stores a lots of aggression that we all bottled up as kids. It’s a rockin track.

Super Mario...

We had to write a few pop numbers for this album. Not only is it in our blood but we’re interested in stirring some serious attention . Don’t get me wrong we havent sold our souls, just crafted some catchy hooks. We’re saving the sincere and deep tracks for album two.

‘Super Mario’ is a tale of unrequited love for a girl (Chloe) who would rather spend all her time playing computer games than getting it on with me. My games console queen.


When I was about 14 I spent every single Friday, without fail, at the Pitz club. As time went on and I got to know the local bands I managed to worm my way back stage. As a kid it was so exciting watching the bands drink, scrawl on the walls and rehearse their tracks before going on stage. One night I watched a groupie spend her evening hopping from band member to band member. She has always stuck in my mind and was the basis for this song. She was aptly dubbed ‘Ricochet’ for her promiscuous temperament.


This track was based on the first girlfriend I had. After about 12 years of no contact with Josephine I called her and asked if she would be interested in playing herself in the music video. She happily agreed and you can see her acting her heart out now online.

Drama Queen...

We have no qualms with homosexuality but everyone, at least once, has come across the super-gay.

We’re talking camper than Gok. This track is about a guy we met on tour. If you’re out there and reading this, go find a mirror and give yourself a “slappedy-slap!”

No-ones Safe in Soho

This track is an analogy between a woman and a spider. We met another promiscuous lady in a bar in Soho. Later that evening, when walking home, we saw all the street lamps were littered with webs. We agreed it was such a clever idea to build a web near the light as surely enough they were full of mesmerized insects. We came to the conclusion that the woman we had met was much like one of these clever spiders. She draws in dull business men under the Soho lights and has her wicked way with them.

Mr Money Bags...

This song is about a lady that is only in her relationship for the money. “I’m no ATM, no Mr Money Bags”

This is one of the few tracks that has not come from personal experience. This ones for all you gold-diggers out there!

Lighters In The Air...

It’s about a deluded musician who thinks he’s gods gift to rock n’ roll. He plays open mic nights imagining huge crowds cheering for him. The song is about him and all the people in his life. A real feel-good festival song.

Not All Heroes Wear capes

A song about self confidence. You don’t need to be Superman to be with some one you love.

When You’re Around

This track is a personal favorite as it was written under candle light when we were all completely inebriated. The wonderful thing is that it hasn’t changed a bit since then. Such a simple sentiment –Every day I get a little better when you’re around. A completely raw track with some really heartfelt lyrics.

>O’Casan play Northampton Roadmender, Jan uary 2, 2011 and London Barfly on January 6.