Old school thrash metal for the new school fans

Prepare for the heavy, heavy...
Prepare for the heavy, heavy...

A REAL thrash treat is on the cards tomorrow night, keeping it real for those who like their noise hard, heavy and uncompromising.

The Underpass promotion is headed up by Wisconsin collective Lazarus A.D.

Their none-more-metal motto is thrash or die.

Hopefully you are getting the picture...

The quartet promises a beat-heavy array of metal tunes that are as capable as sucking in the new generation as they are of holding onto the old school of head-bangers.

Making the crossing with them are Bonded By Blood, who took their moniker from the classic Exodus debut album.

To date, the Pomona residents have issued two full-length discs – Feed The Beast in 2007, and Exiled To Earth, which hit the racks last year.

Want to take them a little something?

Their love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles isn’t exactly a secret...start digging through the kids’ play-boxes!

The Craufurd Arms date also features Keeper of the Rifle and Valhalla.

It’s the heaviest billing to hit the new city in a fair time and promises to be relentless in its attack on your ears.

Make it to the Wolverton haunt nice and early, grab a pint of the wet stuff and go enjoy a session of the old school.

Tickets are £5 in advance from the Wolverton venue, £7 if you pay up on the night,

or go online to: www.thecraufurdarms.com

Doors open at 7pm.