Ooh, Gimme Shelter...It’s just a day away!

Mick in the hat...see Gimme Shelter at The Buszy
Mick in the hat...see Gimme Shelter at The Buszy

FOUR months after Woodstock, in December of 1969, a free concert was held in Northern California.

300,000 people attended the show at Altamond Speedway, which featured the Rolling Stones and Jefferson Airplane.

The show is legendary, for as many tragedies as good reasons – there were four births and four deaths at the event.

Organisers handed security control to Hell’s Angels bikers around the staging area, and all hell broke loose.

If you’ve not previously seen the gig, settle back and let Mick and Co engage you tomorrow night.

Gimme Shelter intercuts performances and violence, and Grace Slick and Mick Jagger’s attempts to calm things down.

There are close-ups of young-listeners (dancing, drugged, or suffering Angel shock) and a look at the band later on as they view the concert footage for themselves and reflect on the events that happened.

Gimme Shelter makes for harrowing, if essential, viewing.

See it at The Buszy from 8pm tomorrow.

It is open to over 18s only, and the bar will be serving the wet stuff.

Book tickets on MK 231312.