Rambunctious Suggs

Suggs visits MK Theatre this week
Suggs visits MK Theatre this week

MILTON Keynes Theatre has three one nighters for you this week – starting this evening with Micky Flanagan.

He will be delving deep into his cockney background to deconstruct the Cockney myth with a razor-sharp observational wit.

Oh, and he will also spill the beans on his working class upbringing where alphabetti spaghetti was a luxury...

It still is, for some of us!

Micky will be peering through the smoke left by last night’s Anthems concert by Brian May and Kerry Ellis to bring the giggles.

Swap £17.50 for a ticket and join him from 8pm.

>Saturday night belongs to pub philosopher Al Murray, who is bringing his Barrel of Fun to the venue.

He will be spilling his pint AND spilling his glass-half-drunk logic to modern day stresses and strife.

Global warming, the Taliban and a PC-world gone mad...just some of the subjects being tackled by the pint-puller.

Sup it and see from 8pm.

>SPEAKING of Londoners – as we were, and the venue welcomes another cheery chap from the big smoke to the fore on Sunday, Mr Graham McPherson.

You don’t know the name?

That might well be because the fella has spent the past few decades using the moniker Suggs.

With Madness, he provided a slew of sensational music.

Who can forget absolute classics like Baggy Trousers, Our House and Wings of a Dove?

They were the sound of a generation.

This show is a stand-up memoir that will give the audience an all-access pass to the backstage windmills of his mind, as he attempts to unravel personal unsolved mysteries about his life, while going in search of the father he never knew.

Live Suggs promises to capture the same humour, spirit and genial madness that have made him and his band so damn alluring for so long...

We reckon that Suggs is an all round good egg, and that this show will be well and truly worth swapping a night in front of the box for.

Tickets start at £23.50...dig deep and go enjoy.

Call the box office and get seated and sorted on 0844 871 7652.

>We would love to bring you the true story of the young Suggs fan who thought our star was actually called Slugs and decorated his denim jacket with the slimy word. But we don’t have the space.