Search out the Equilibrium in Groove

J Hurley is on the bill for Sunday
J Hurley is on the bill for Sunday

BREAK with convention this weekend, and turn your Sunday night into your Saturday in support of the Equilibrium brand, who are launching a major mesh-up of live music at Groove.

The theatre district located venue (you really can’t get more central than that) is opening its doors to one big and bouncy roar.

That music policy is a big as it is diverse – with rock, jazz, reggae, beatboxers, drum n bass, house, experimental and prog tech all specifically mentioned.

It is saturation of the very best kind...

Artists confirmed include Blackley, Saddla, Mr Rus T, Project Noise, Leewise & Dweeb, J Hurley, Daniela Bove & The Belongings, Le Carla, R.S.I, Without Reason, Moses Kelly, Sonick, Nevsta, Wolfbeat, Charles & The Producers, D Shock, Darx, Spitty, Jacky B and Skeng Daddy G ready to push the joint to a new spot...heck, with that much muscle power they could probably move the place in the literal sense!

“There has never been anywhere central and accessible which could massively improve MK nightlife as a whole,” says Equilibrium founder Jim Lucas.

“...a lot of run-of-the-mill clubs only play generic radio garbage that promotes nothing but sex and drinking.

“This will break the mould,” he added.

If it works, this could be the start of something to really shout about.

But that success relies upon live music fans from all over town staving off the Sunday slumber and chill out and making a concerted effort to step up to the stage and support the venture.

Tickets are a fiver before 11pm and once inside you’ll not be fleeced either, with drinks on buy one get one free.

Additionally, the first 50 punters inside the venue will get their mitts on a free CD for their trouble too.

ID will be asked for and it’s a strictly 18+ event, but there is none of that jumped up, ‘uniform’ dress code rubbish. Equilibrium is about the music, the vibe and the good stuff, not about what brand your shoes are.

Frankly, no-one cares about that.