‘Slices of fat and shifty bass’

The Buszy welcomes Poino on Saturday
The Buszy welcomes Poino on Saturday
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POINO top the billing at this Saturday’s Talk Amongst Yourselves bash at The Buszy.

The London-based trio promise a sound that is both beefy and scratchy, while the long-living throbbing Organ fanzine calls it ‘an angular guitar between slices of fat and shifty bass with a filling of snarling, sharp-edged enunciation,’ Joining them, you must check out the spoken word noise act (we kid you not) Bad Body, and a decidedly surreal performance.

Intensely noisy troupe Dethscalator, with their dark, Sabbath-esque-punk’ and post-hardcore trio Ageing are up too.

Throw in some decent deck spinners to keep things flowing nicely inbetween the live stuff, and you can get set for a particularly decent night out .

Tickets are yours for the taking on the door at a mere £4 and it’s over 18’s only, please.

Doors at 7.30pm.

The sounds will run ‘till late, and yep, the bar will be ready to take your orders...say cheers and enjoy a pint of the wet stuff with your music.