Stirring up a tasty tune with Zaheer

Stir It Up single shoot
Stir It Up single shoot

‘Have a listen to this’ invited the email, and we duly clicked on the video link for The Recipe, the current track by London-based Swami Baracus, which has been produced by new city climber Zaheer.

And a couple of weeks on, the tune is still clinging tight to the insides of our minds.

It’s like a musical tick which won’t let go...and we really don’t mind, because it’s a belter.

Not that we stand alone in our thinking. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – people are mad for it!

The Recipe has been making waves all over the place, and the net is oozing praise for the track.

It has even been playlisted in Poland.

“A lot of Urban channels are set to take it up, too,” Zaheer told City Nights.

“Channels like AKA and Flava, and the British Asian Network.”

Blogging sites are full of praise for the number too, and the Youtube hits speak for themselves.

What’s the secret of the recipe then?

“It’s testament to the sound that we grew up on, and the style of rap we love,” he said.

“There are lots of different ingredients in there, and catchy hooks, old throwback sounds...”

Zaheer isn’t one to rest on his laurels, and is always working on some track or other – his skills have recently been utilised on material by The Truth, and New Yorker DJ Clue.

But there are countless other collaborations and solo deliveries ready to drop, too, which we’ll keep you posted on.

Right now though, you need to go online, key in and make a connection with one of the tracks of the year.

Something big is simmering...