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Mugstar top the bill at The Buszy...
Mugstar top the bill at The Buszy...

THE Buszy venue is doing a terrific job for the arts and youth in and around the new city, and this week the hub located opposite the central train station has some tasty live action too.

Liverpudlian-based Mugstar peddle ‘the greatest kraut-rock mantras in the vein of the legendary band NEU,’ apparently.

In 2010 they pummelled their style before audiences at the ATP and Supersonic festivals and issued a couple of albums.

That’s productivity for you.

Ask the band directly and they say Mugstar is ‘the sound of 10,000 suns exploding, pulsing with repetitive beauty, pounding like a supersonic mantra with shades of Sonic Youth, Neu!, Oneida and Pink Floyd.’

If you go get some of that, you can also enjoy fellow Liverpudlian prog-esque players Beast, Peter James Taylor, and Duke of Zuke, a one-man arrangement of tense and reflective tunes with the fragility of shattering glass.

Second hand records will be sold for measly amounts at the show, and cakes, food and drinks are all cheap too.

Doors 7.30pm, tickets a fiver, 18+

A new venue offering sculpted sounds for a decent price. Perhaps things are on the turn.

Help it to flourish...