Tesseract have a big surprise

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IT is always nice to be able to bring genuinely positive stories about our new city music fraternity, and for Tesseract – the brainchild of new-city guitarist Acle Kahney, that is precisely the case.

Things are going tremendously well, we’re glad to say. Earlier this year the band issued their debut album, One, to glowing praise from the critics, and general adoration from their public.

Last month, we watched as hundreds of people tried to cram into a tent to see the band play at the Sonisphere Festival.

Security guards turned punters away because the space simply wasn’t big enough to cater for the numbers of fans wanting to catch them.

“That was really nice,” Acle says, “We figured it would go well, but we were really buzzing from that.”

With band members spread far and wide, TesseracT have to be more applied than most groups. Assembling for practice isn’t as simple as hopping in the motor for 10 minutes and heading to the local rehearsal room.

But their absolute dedication sees them through.

Fresh back from Australia (“We saw the Sydney Opera House for all of about 30 seconds!”) the band will now tour the UK before taking their talents to Europe and the US.

“We are psyching ourselves up for it,” Acle promised.

But first, TesseracT will deliver hard and heavy blows in the locality, with an intimate date on new city soil, this weekend.

The last time they played The Craufurd Arms the place went nuts, and it’s fair to expect a similar reaction at their return on Saturday evening, when they will be joined by Our Man in the Bronze Age, whose recent dates in the new city have caused a real buzz.

Visions and Red Enemy will also appear.

Aside from it being a cracking bill to invigorate your weekend, TesseracT have a little something extra for you: “We have a big surprise to reveal at the gig,” Acle says. “And obviously it will be a great show too!”

TesseracT will release the follow up to One, next summer.

Tickets for Saturday’s gig are £8.