The Silver Machine rolls on...

Hawkwind keep on truckin'
Hawkwind keep on truckin'
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THE space rockers keep on truckin’!
More than 40 years since Dave Brock first started the band Hawkwind and he remains what fans call, the ‘Captain of the ship.’

There is no stopping the ‘mo’d marvel...

However, it’s fair to say that plenty has changed since Hawkwind played outside the perimeter fence of a certain Isle of Wight Festival, in protest at the admission charge.

They did all right that day too, and one intrigued fella pricking his ear and having a listen went by the name of Jimi Hendrix.

In the decades that followed there have been numerous personnel changes, albums aplenty and sold-out tours, and sure there is an element of nostaglia about them, but don’t think that Dave and his men have nothing new to bring to the party.

Indeed, the band received the Maverick Award from Mojo Magazine back in the summer, and are out on tour just now.

Bedford Corn Exchange will welcome them, and you this Wednesday evening.

Tickets are £20 (things have moved on from that wee Isle of Wight protest!).

Call for yours on 01234 269519.