Thumbs up given for Bend Over Backwards fundraiser

Bob gloves
Bob gloves
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IT started as a tribute to Spaced Out drummer Paul Steer, who lost his battle with Prostate Cancer in 2008.

Bend Over Backwards was an event held in his memory – a collection of musicians and fans playing the music that Paul loved. It was a chance to raise a beer and a smile in his name.

But thoughts soon turned to making Bend Over Backwards into an annual affair.

Spaced Out’s Simon Timmins recalled: “Following that, we felt there were lots of Milton Keynes musicians and followers that had lost their lives through illness and, although they weren’t forgotten, no regular tribute to them was in place.

“This led to the idea of putting on the yearly gig which is always an upbeat gathering.

“It also demonstrates a solidarity and respect amongst out local musicians while paying tribute to past players and raising money and awareness for good causes.”

In 2011 the bash is coming back bigger than ever, with a mammoth eight hour session of music set to roll at the Woughton Centre Theatre this Sunday.

The event title might raise a smile, but the bash is trying to raise awareness, and cash to support The Prostate Cancer Charity.

You won’t have your bits fiddled with, but ‘You will be seen by Dr Rock or Dr Roll,’ says the promotional material.

Those new-city artists supporting the cause and up for a cracking day out are Spaced Out, Bedside Manor, Nexus, Big Cheeze, Peartree Bridge Family, Mad Mods & Englishmen and Southside Jimmy & The North 10th Street Band.

Scene newbies Liberation are also onboard.

The big bash won’t cost big bucks either.

Actually, it won’t set you back a penny in admission, but we trust that those of you attending will see fit to pop some crinkly bits of paper with Her Maj’s head on, into one of the collecting buckets as it passes.

If you can’t do notes, chuck in the coins, but please give what you can.

“...this is quite possibly the strongest line-up we’ve had at BOB, and hopefully will produce another fantastic day,” Simon added.