Time to meet the Trouble Makers

Vintage Trouble
Vintage Trouble
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When LA-based soul-rock fusion Vintage Trouble introduced themselves with a two-song appearance on Later with Jools earlier this year, they blew us away with their power, stamina and great feeling.

We weren’t alone, mind, and overnight the band became the sixth most trending topic on Twitter.

“We just did what we do,” explained front man Ty Tabor of that momentous appearance. “There is nothing that can have prepared us for what happened and the response blew us away.

“I kept thinking I was going to wake up and tell the guys I’d had this dream and we were the sixth most tweeted thing in the world...”

Save for August when the band will head home for a month of promo, Vintage Trouble will be based in the UK through to Christmas.

Taking on the UK was part of the plan from day one for the band, who formed less than 18 months ago, and a college tour will figure in the coming months.

“There is so much culture that runs through the UK and people are used to diversity.

“We seem to have a really great connection between us and the people here. I don’t know what is is but you look out and see so many different sorts of people and everyone is partying equally as hard.

“Being so young as a band we haven’t got used to the fact that people know all the words to your album.

From the smallest remote cities to the biggest, we haven’t got used to the fact that people know the words to your album – people sing along.

“Every time I always have to stop. I am like ‘Is that me? Why is my voice so big? Is there too much reverb in my mic? And it’s not me at all, it’s people singing along...I love the way people are hungry for it.

“This band is beyond where I want it to be,” Ty enthuses, “ Everything we did before just feels so unimportant.”

Perhaps Ty doesn’t want reminding about his previous stage work, but he did take a starring role in the Queen musical We Will Rock You, which is where he struck up a friendship with Brian May.

Vintage Trouble recently supported Brian at Milton Keynes Theatre on the Anthems tour, which bought the fella’s to Milton Keynes“...for him to sit down and talk about our music and tell me how incredibly he thinks the songs are?

“And to hear Brian walking down the hall whistling one of our songs?” he sucks in the air.

“Again I feel like I am going to have to tell the guys that I had a dream!

“We are so lucky because we feel that we are accomplishing some of our dreams right now.

“You feel like you are not only on the right path, but that you are getting to live some of your dreams.”

We speak to Ty as the band are motorway bound, travelling to another gig. Another gig as support rock royalty Bon Jovi!

The two bands share a management company which has harmed VT not a jot.

“They are a powerful machine and full of showmanship,” Ty says with admiration,

Although the vinyl junkie admits that his turntable was usually buzzing with material by Otis Redding, Etta James and early Stones recordings as opposed to Jovi’s stadium rock, when he was finding his musical feet.

“Bon Jovi is still so affected by the crowd, they are rock n roll royalty, legends.

And sharing those big stages to push their debut album The Bomb Shelter Sessions hasn’t been lost on the band.

“What a dream it was to be in sound-check and hear our big sound in a stadium having only been a band for 15 months.

“It’s incredible and feels like a drug, there is no real way to explain it, but I have to say I am addicted!”

But for Ty, the vibes that emanate from a sweat bucket of a club show can’t be paralleled. “We easily prefer to play in a sweaty little box in a basement where people are dancing so hard they don’t know what their last name is any more!” he admits.

The album is about to drop, but you might well recognise opening track, Blues Hand Me Down, which the pubic devoured with that Later With...appearance.

“It sums up how raw we are. It says that we like to party, and it is the story of how the band began.

“It’s the first song we ever recorded and the message talks about how we have been given something that is of a wildness.

“It’s just who we are and we make no excuses...”

Vintage Trouble play Bedford Esquires tomorrow night.