Urban EP Nuketown set for big explosion

Nu Klear lets his sounds loose
Nu Klear lets his sounds loose

HE might be relatively new to this music making game, but Nu Klear has certainly hit the ground running and has already worked with fellow city-boy F-Tizzle, Newham Generals and Boy Better Know.

He has received the thumbs up by DJs at Kiss, Radio 1, 1xtra and on the BBC Asian Network.

And now he has a new four-track EP in the racks. Nuketown certainly packs a lot of beats.

“It contains some of the best instrumentals which have been featured on radio sets with artists like Tempa T, Skepta and Wiley doing live freestyles over them...” he told City Nights.

“It contains high quality beats which have been produced to guarantee a rewind and replay.

“Each time you listen to the inidividual instrumentals, you will go back and ask yourself ‘How did he make this sound?’

“The complexity of the structures and the different drops you will hear makes it a must buy!” he says, talking with a heap of passion.

So far as influences are concerned, you are just as likely to hear them coming from commercial leanings as you are from dubstep.

“My sound is unique in the way that I infuse other genres of music yet still produce hype, energetic, head rattling grime beats,” he explains.

“The tracks on the EP contain four beastly synth and bass driven instrumentals,” says its creator, before walking us through them, one by one.

“The hostile Angeric slings a tense, dark bass, subsequent to a twinkling piano intro motif.

“Checkpoint is easily the gutteral of the lot, dominated by a rampant electro styled bass and bouncy drums for a pure sweat off when listening.

“Colpermin features hypnotizing chords pierced with wrenching snares and toxic bass until Orite Rudeboy concludes with gut wrenching strings, followed by an immense breakdown of precise drums and a fuming bass.”

Just now, all efforts are concentrating on the Nuketown EP, but there is another coming with DJ Logan Sama.

When it comes to grime, they come none bigger than this chap.

He is also responsible for helping bring artists like Tinchy Stryder, Tinie Tempah and Chipmunk to the masses.

“As yet, there’s no date for it but it will be called The Experiment EP and is expected around the end of February,” which would see it follow neatly on from Nuketown.

Clearly our new city talent must be all guns blazing on the music front then.

But actually, that’s not quite the case.

He is currently studying Pharmaceutical Science and Medicinal Chemistry at University too!

“Music is and was just a hobby for me,” says Nu Klea.

“As I am beginning to get recognised quite early on in my music career, I’m not sure what path I want to take.

“However in the short term I want to complete my degree and just continue making music and to take life’s events in my stride and see where it takes me...”

A super talent who will bring smiles to the music industry, or the medicine world. But hopefully both.

>Nuketown is available at iTunes, Amazon and 7Digital.