Need a little time and Space?

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Think back two decades, and there is turmoil on the UK scene, two sides going to musical battle as the Brit Pop war raged.

Were you team Blur or team Oasis?

But while the swagger and Lennon glasses took on the alt-pop oiks with the lanky bassist who would end up penning naff food columns for a tabloid newspaper (you know the one), there was plenty more happening among homegrown talents.

And they didn’t come much bigger than Space.

The Liverpudlians pooled their talents in ‘93, and broke big with their second single Female of the Species.

Frontman Tommy Scott had penned the piece for his late father, who ironically was no fan of Tommy’s music.

But plenty were, and the track flew into the charts. And there it stayed, nestled in the Top 40 for a three month tenancy.

The debut album had legs too – eight hairy ones; Spiders cemented their standing, and also breathed new life into their debut single Neighbourhood, which was duly reissued, with its tales of killers and transvestites.

Dark pop, they called it.

Space pushed forward and ‘98’s Tin Planet album continued the chart-bothering, with Avenging Angels and the Ballad of Tom Jones making lasting impressions.

It wasn’t all fabulous though, and with record company wrangles, members calling time and changing circumstances, Space finally reached a conclusion in 2005, having issued one more long-player, Suburban Rock n Roll.

Tragedy struck in 2009, when original drummer Andy Parle passed away, but his loss brought the rest of the band together, and the funeral ‘broke the ice between members.’

In 2014 they released their first album for a decade, Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab, which Tommy likened to ‘a Fifties B-Movie for the ears.’

Currently, they are nearing the end of a thorough road slog which brings them to The Craufurd Arms this evening.

Step away from the onslaught of seasonal cringe currently being blasted elsewhere, and find peace with the quirky pop sorts.

Tickets are on sale at £14 and doors open at 7.30pm.

> Tomorrow’s show by The Wedding Present is sold out.

> Our Man in the Bronze Age are live at The Craufurd Arms on Saturday night.

Want festive tracks and a cheery glow? Look elsewhere.

But if four-part harmonies, three-way guitar grating and two drumming beat-checkers fire you up, this gig is the one for you.

Versatility is key, and so one moment you’ll be tempted by a loose, light, haunting vocal, the next you’ll be open to a rhythmic battering.

Back in the summer they spilled the terrific Habanero EP and its fair to expect produce pulled from that to feature at the Wolverton date, which sees the post-rock experimentalists at play with Reuben tribute Los Skeletos.

Promising new alternatives Icarus Fell are tasked with opening the billing at the bash. A new single is mooted for the new year, so keep your ears to the ground.

Tickets are six quid and doors open at 7.30pm.

> Singer-songwriter Mikey Bromley tops Monday night’s show at the venue with support from Dylan Evans, Samantha Harvey and Euan Emerton.

Tickets £12.