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New city rock trio Ocasan roll back into play this week, with the new four track EP, Whitey Two Step.

It is, “...a song about the appalling shuffle dance white people do when watching a band,” drummer Luke tells me.

“The point where they wont quite commit to dancing properly but you can tell they dig whoever is on stage.

“It is all very tongue in cheek.”

This EP is the second of three – following on from November’s London Town and preceding Confessions, which will follow later this year.

Collectively, you are looking at an album of cool, produced by Romesh Dodangoda, whose other credits include Funeral for a Friend and Motorhead.

“I speak for all of us when I say we’re crazy excited for this next release,” Luke said.

“We’ve been inundated with great reviews and exciting offers for the band since releasing our EP London Town.

“This second instalment has to be our personal favourite.

“It’s a dirty mix of of quirky reggae with punchy rock tracks...think Police meets the Foos.”

The band will now head out on the road, and the date at The Craufurd Arms will be an easy one – no need to pack up the van for that one, seeing as how they live upstairs at the rock joint!

“As the hub of MK’s music scene, there’s a huge buzz here, and as it progresses, so do we,” Luke added.

“We’ve been together almost a decade now, toured around the world and I’ve never been anywhere like it –it’s an incredibly exciting and inspiring place to be right now.”

Ocasan go live this month.

Why not join them?

April 12 – The Lemon Tree Aberdeen

April 19 – Rushden Athletics club

April 21 – London Barfly

April 23 – Canterbury Cherry Tree

April 25– Craufurd Arms Milton Keynes

April 26 – Norwich Owl Sanctuary

> Another new city player making the right noises is Joel Storry – which is why his talents have been utilised on new releases by pop icon Cher.

Joel has just let loose his remix expertise on the track I Walk Alone, taken from her new album Closer to the Truth.

It’s actually the second track lifted from the album that Joel has remixed, from the comfort of his home studio.

Joel’s agent sourced the first one, for Take it Like a Man, and so impressed were Cher’s camp that his talents were once more called upon for this newbie.

It’s not the first time Joel’s talent has been put to work with name players, nor will it be the last – he’s also done the business on Not Giving Up, the new single by pop darlings The Saturdays, his third outing with them.

Asked who he would choose to remix if given the chance to work his magic on anyone at all, Joel has no hesitation in answering:

“I’ve always wanted to do a Rihanna remix – that’s my goal,” he said.

“She is one of the most well known artists in the world, and someone I always play in my DJ set.

“To remix one of her tracks for me would be a big achievement.”

When he does break free of that studio environment he can be found keeping the sounds flowing at Pink Punters – his residency there is now in its eighth year!