KCF trio have the recipe to restore Milton Keynes music venue


Three young entrepreneurs hope to bring back the swinging sixties, by restoring a 1960s music venue to its former glories as MK11 Sports Bar.

The Kiln Farm Club has been a popular venue for music and sports-lovers for the last 50 years

Now the owners hope to restore it to its former glories by going back to that model.

Simon O’Brien, one of the managing directors of MK11 which runs the venue, said: “Milton Keynes is crying out for a place to enjoy live music, sports and good food all under one roof.

“We’ve listened to the council carefully and concede that late night raves are not in the spirit with the original purpose of the venue, so it’s a no brainer to revisit the original model that worked so well for so many years.”

Marc O’Brien, Simon O’Brien and Richard Baggs have run Kiln Farm Club for two years with their firm MK11.

Although they initially ran it as a live music venue staging late night raves they had a re-think after receiving a noise abatement from MK Council.

The new business plan will also feature free live music shows, televised sports, and home-made gourmet street food from locally sourced suppliers.