Review - Tango Moderno at Milton Keynes Theatre

Tango Moderno
Tango Moderno

From Spanish into English, Tango de Moderno translates as Modern Tango and modern it truly is.

From start to finish, you are whisked away into a whirlwind of foxtrots, sambas, quicksteps, salsas and even Argentine tangos with a very modern twist.

With an underline story of relationships being formed, from modern day dating using apps to meeting people through friends, you will be guided through from story to story with love being the ultimate goal.

Though Flavia came on stage and mentioned the fact that due to injury, Vincent wasn’t able to perform, she then had two back up to fill his big shoes. One, Leonel Di Cocco, being a world champion in Argentine Tango and the other, Pasquale La Rocca, a ballroom master with several achievements under his belt.

From the opening dance, I found myself drawn into the dance, with the passion and heat behind every move and every step, these people really know how to perform.

I did find myself in awe of the sheer talent and abilities that every dancer on the stage displayed, ranging through the various different dance styles. I think years of watching Strictly Come Dancing helped me identify the carious different dance styles which were highly executed from start to finish.

Every little detail was thought about to enhance the audiences experience, going from the set design to the costumes and even the live singers and instrumentalists who guide you through the story.

It truly was a magical experience watching this show which left me craving more. I could have happily sat and watched the whole show over and over and I honestly recommend that if you get the chance to see this show, you make sure you do. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Tango Moderno is at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday November 18. For more details or to book tickets call the box office on 0844 871 7652 or visit