Rob’s choccy-wocky-dough-da

He’s half man, half X-box and Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss will be live in Milton Keynes tonight on the penultimate date of a plump 35 date tour.

This show might be Dark by name, but it ain’t dark by nature; it is his most personal and political show, mind you.

As well as self-mocking routines about his own failings, he argues against the ‘tampon tax’, calls for the legalisation of cannabis and, movingly, talks about a family tragedy that changed him forever.

Daniel says he is a feminist with a smirk, and though his career is firmly on the ascent with success stateside as well as on these shores, Sloss isn’t where he wants to be just yet.

“I hate the stand-up I was three years ago,” he says, “I was too naïve. I was out of my depth in this world. I was just a kid. I think I’m on the way now. But I’m still not the comedian I want to be yet.

“Nobody celebrates getting an eighth of the way up Mount Everest.”

Supporting Daniel at The Stables date is down to Kai Humphries, a happy-go-lucky, Geordie stand-up and writer. Get seated early.

Over on Stage 2, Gary Stewart will be in situ taking tracks from his two albums. Expect a little Celtic flair to figure here and there, from 8.45pm.

Enjoy a Festive Fiesta with Clare Teal on Saturday night as the super-successful songstress and Radio 2 presenter is joined in concert by her All Star Big Band, and conductor Guy Barker.

This show is being recorded live for Broadcast on her Radio show on December 20.

While the jazz side shows itself in the Jim Marshall Auditorium, Stage 2 will be driven by stand-up comic Sean McLoughlin and his sharpest show to date, What It Takes.

Andy Fairweather arrives on Saturday night and only single seats remain for the one-time singer with Amen Corner, who now shows out with his Low Riders band.

Since his early times in the industry, the stalwart has worked with a few people you might have heard of – like Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Roger Waters...and that’s not half of ‘em!

Be quick if you want in, or disappointment will be all you’ll get.

Steve Winch plays to the home crowd over on Stage 2.

‘A timeless, mercurial talent,’ decided one hack from the Musician Magazine when reviewing the current long-player, Songs From the Killing Floor: Volume Three.

Which is a pretty tasty thumbs up, if ever there was.

“We will be playing music from the first three albums as well as debuting brand new material for the very first time,” Steve told us.

“We are always thrilled to play what is MK’s crown jewel of venues and given that last year we were blessed with a sold-out show, we are very happy to be returning,” he added.

When not working on his own style, Steve is busy penning tracks for other artists thanks to a publishing deal with World Domination Music Ltd.

Watch this space for more about that.

Funny-fella Stephen K Amos makes his return with The Laughter Master on Sunday. It’s been a while since he’s visited these parts, and he arrives fresh from sell-out tours of Australia and New Zealand.

Expect strong language, adult behaviour and big smiles all round.

After receiving a brilliant response to their 30th anniversary Steeltown Tour, Big Country are back with all the hits in the cunningly titled Best of Big Country Tour, on Monday night.

There were more than a few big tunes from the Scots mob too, with numbers including Fields of Fire, In A Big Country, Chance, Look Away and plenty more.

We heard lots of good things about their last live slog. If you are a fan, don’t debate, book in for a guaranteed good time.

Singer-songwriter Ruth Trimble will be up on Stage 2, as part of her Each Christmas Till Then tour.

The Belfast-born artist has spent lots of time accompanying artists like Beth Nielson Chapman and Kimmie Rhodes, but this is her first outing as the star of the show.

Fotheringay invite you to get back to your folk roots on Tuesday evening, back in the live following the release of a new 4-disc box set Nothing More, The Collected Fotheringay.

No-one knows more about folk than these folks (boom-boom), and they’ve four decades of playing to prove it.

Support comes from The East Pointers.

On Wednesday modern Country band Dexeter and soloist Laura Oakes will lead the charge on Stage 2, while Rob Beckett brings the funny with Mouth of the South in the Jim Marshall Auditorium.

Join the star of Mock the Week and our fave-rave from 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown with his new show.

A word of warning though, the man with the toothpaste smile will be dealing with a few tough subjects – including Kit Kats and flatbread.

Rumours that he was set to call the road-trek choccy-wocky-dough-da are unsubstantiated...

Call for returns only if you want in for Rob’s bash, but all others are currently booking as normal.

Dial 01908 280800 or visit