24 Carrack gold at Stables

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You could spend this evening indoors with a staple diet of the small screen for company.

Or you could flip the script and make tracks to The Stables to indulge in flamenco rhythms, traditional Spanish and Cuban folksongs.

Alec Dankworth’s Spanish Accents will deliver the aforementioned, evoking the soul of the Iberian Peninsula.

Compositions aired will include pieces by Dizzy Gillespie, Paco de Lucia, Chick Corea and Vincente Amigo, and a third generation of Dankworth talent will be involved in the show – Alec’s daughter Emily Dankworth will provide vocals to his bass brilliance.

Jesus Olmedo will colour up the event with flamenco dance. What else?

The venue turns on its heel and moonwalks into the weekend with a Friday night session with Jackson Live.

The King of Pop may be gone, but his vast catalogue lives on, and at this show you’ll hear all the songs you know, love and expect.

At the time of writing tickets are limited and only standing remain.

On Stage 2, Aussie Edinburgh favourites Aunty Donna present a new show, that is ‘unique, tight, fresh and filthy.’

The Fringe preview might be a little rude and the language might get colourful, so it is best served to those of you who are sweet 16 or older.

Folk-rockers The Strawbs shot up at the tail end of the 1960’s and commanded inthe early 70s.

A string of well-known ablums and singles were issued – plenty of you will remember Lay Down and Part of the Union, and there’s every chance you’ll hear those at Saturday’s Wavendon date, which spans their career entire and comprises two sets – the former acoustic, the latter electric.

Paul Carrack, seen earlier this year at MK Theatre, is back out on the road (he’s a hard gigging kinda guy, is Paul) and on Sunday night, he returns to the venue.

Again, tickets are scant at the box office, and small surprise.

Carrack has one of the best voices this country has produced.

Book with haste by calling 01908 280800.