Alice, what’s the matter?

A visit to Wonderland, via Stantonbury Campus
A visit to Wonderland, via Stantonbury Campus

LONG ago on a golden afternoon, in the city of dreaming spires, a boat set out along the Thames, on a trip to Wonderland...

Now let Alice lead you down the rabbit hole and into a mysterious world that will let your imagination loose.

Meet curious creatures, puzzling people and unravel mathematical mysteries as you join Alice on her journey to find out who really stole those Queen of Hearts jam tarts!

Oxfordshire Theatre Company use puppetry, song and dance to present the piece, which has been inspired of course, by the Lewis Carroll novel, and penned by Neil Duffield.

Stantonbury Campus is the hosting venue and Sunday’s performance guarantees a few surprises.

It shows at 2.30pm and tickets are £10, falling to £8 for concessions.

A family saver ticket will cost £30 and the show is suitable for 5 years and up.

Call for bookings on MK 324422.