Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats takes to the MK Theatre stage

Jellicle cats will take over MK Theatre, from Tuesday
Jellicle cats will take over MK Theatre, from Tuesday

The feline factor arrives at Milton Keynes Theatre from Tuesday, when Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s record-breaking show Cats makes a long-overdue return to the locality.

The show was last here back in 2003 and last roamed the UK, moggy style, in 2008.

T.S Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats was adapted by Lloyd-Webber, and quickly connected with the theatre-going public.

It debuted on the London stage in 1981, just before the Royal Wedding, and lasted significantly longer than those nuptials too – playing close to 9000 performances before the curtain fell in 2002, with an Olivier Award for Best Musical under it’s collar.

On the other side of the pond, Broadway embraced the work, where it scooped seven Tony Awards and ran for 18 years – only Lloyd-Webber’s Phantom of the Opera has shown longer.

The set-up?

On one night annually, all the Jellicle cats meet at the Jellicle Ball where their wise and benevolent leader Old Deuteronomy makes the Kellicle choice and announces which of them will go up to the heaviside layer and be reborn into a whole new Jellicle life.

As you get your claws into the production, it will shine brightly with a spectacular set design, fabulous costumes and terrific choreography, which is down to Chrissie Cartwright.

Worldwide, Cats has been seen by more than 50 million people across 300 cities in 26 countries.

The purrfect fusing of Lloyd-Webber’s ace with T.S Eliot’s class has struck a lasting chord with audiences, and so its return here has meant for swift ticket sales.

Tickets start at £10 and rise to £37.50.

A signed performance will play on Thursday, July 4 and a touch tour follows on Friday, July 4 at 6pm, and then the audio-described performance at 7.30pm.

If you don’t have yours yet, call the box office on 0844 871 7652.