Challenging subject for OU Group

The Open Theatre Group are back in business
The Open Theatre Group are back in business
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THE Open Theatre Group are back in play this evening, relaunching with the challenging production, Death & The Maiden.

Chilean playwright Ariel Dorfman is behind the piece, which brought the horrors of Pinochet’s Chile to the stage. It was first performed in 1991.

“When I went home to Chile in 1990, after an exile of many years, I found a land morally devastated by the dictatorship of General Pinochet, Ariel explained.

“Everywhere I turned, I saw victims and tormentors living side by side, drinking at the same bars, eating at the same restaurants, jostling each other on buses and streets – never acknowledging the pain and the guilt, not to themselves, not to anybody.

“I couldn’t stand that silence, and the result was my play, Death and the Maiden.

“I wanted to look at the question of how we co-exist in the same country, even in the same room, with someone who has caused us grievious, perhaps irreparable harm. Would we be able to resist taking revenge, if that revenge were made possible?”

Performances are nightly through to Saturday at The Hub Theatre, Open University.

Doors open at 7.30pm and tickets are £10.

Call to book on MK 672077.