Enjoy yourselves at the other Ha-Ha bar

THE weather is rubbish, the credit cards are feeling bruised and the thought of a holiday is so far off that you can’t even visualise it in your mind...

All that, and the news is just one big pile of doom and gloom, eh?

It’s time to replace the sour face with a smile, and if anyone can do that, it’s the trio of chaps on the right.

This evening, Ian Moore, that’s the ‘mod’-ern chap with the wheels here, will host a great grin-treat at City Limits.

The man with a pathological hatred of all forms of physical exertion also knows the problems that can be caused by using the wrong vocabulary in a German Pizza Hut...

Catching his show really could be good for your health!

Gerry K, the opening act waiting for you, is anecdotal, observational and refreshingly honest...it could be sharp. Ouch.

Show headliner is Geoff Norcott, a man who is underpinned by enthusiasm, optimism and a sharp comic mind.

In his line of work, that’s a pretty essential trait.

When he reaches for the mic, Geoff will unleash a sea of observations, impressions and satire, and remember, if you’ve a funny line of your own, spill it at the joke competition.

Otherwise, all you need do is buckle-up for a seriously funny ride.

Tickets cost £13, falling to £11 if you are a member of the Comedy Club.

Doors open at 7.30pm, and the funnies start falling an hour later.

Call and get yours on MK 295200.