Footloose, kick off your Sunday shoes


IT’S back to the 80s for the Milton Keynes Amateur Operatic Society as they prepare to revitalise audiences with their latest musical show, Footloose at Stantonbury Campus Theatre from Tuesday (7 June).

Following the success of their production of Boogie Nights in June 2009, the company will bring what is sure to be a winning combination of fabulous 80s classics mixed with a brand new score.

Footloose is a full blown stage musical based on the iconic coming-of-age movie.

When free-spirited Ren moves from Chicago to a conservative hick town in the Midwest, he discovers that wide open spaces sometimes come with very narrow minds.

Repressive local minister, Reverend Moore, has convinced the town to ban dancing and rock ‘n’ roll music.

Add in romantic complications when Ren falls in love with Reverend Moore’s strong-willed daughter Ariel and the battle to win over the community in an effort to make dancing legal again builds strength.

This uplifting story of teenage rebellion overcoming the fears and misconceptions of an older generation is guaranteed to entertain.

So…kick off your Sunday shoes, and everybody, get Footloose!

Tickets available from 07765 084193.