Mental Health issues? Talk about it, don’t bottle it up

Bruce Jones
Bruce Jones

Walton High Theatre, The Venue welcomes a former resident of Coronation Street this Friday night.

Bruce Jone – who played lairy Les Battersby in the soap – will be bringing his one man show Talk! Tackling The Taboo to the venue .

This delivery doesn’t shy away from the often difficult subject of depression and mental health, it embraces it in an engaging and entertaining way.

Bruce isn’t averse to bringing his own problems into the open too, and touches on those experiences within the show.

Talk! stresses the importance of being open and honest about mental health.

And really, this isn’t a problem that is going to go away - it affects a surprisingly large number of the population.

All too often sufferers do so in silence, afraid they will be stigmatised, put their job at risk or alienate friends or family.

It’s time for those suffering to get support, and to understand that there really is no shame attached to what is an illness.

Show time is at 8pm, and you can book tickets through www.thevenuemk.coms