MKToC’s cunning plan

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MK Theatre of Comedy are up to funny business again this week – with performances of Blackadder II for you.

Following sell-out deliveries in 2014, the gang are back with three more episodes ready to roll – Money, Potato and Chains.

Performances begin at the Chrysalis Theatre in Willen on Monday, and carry through nightly to next Saturday.

Baldrick, Lord Percy, Queenie, Nursie and Lord Melchett will be on hand to make sure the trials and tribulations encountered by Edmund Blackadder turn into situations stickier than Sticky the stick insect getting caught on a sticky bun!

MKTOC are brilliant at this ‘television-to-stage’ stuff, and have previously worked their magic with productions of Fawlty Towers, The Vicar of Dibley and Steptoe and Son.

Tickets for the shows are £13 and £11 and when you book online there are no pesky hidden charges to be encountered. Hurrah.