Now raise your glass to Beer Street

Mikron Beer
Mikron Beer

MIKRON Theatre Company are on the road, or rather on the waterways again, and the boat moors in Milton Keynes this week for a two show delivery.

Tomorrow night, they present Beer Street, left, which puts pubs at the heart of the community, where they belong.

The show outlines the history of the wet stuff, from the 13th century monks to modern day micro brewing. Beer Street is being hosted by The Black Horse in Great Linford, from 7.30pm.

To book, call MK 398461.

On Saturday, catch the crew at Interaction on Peartree Bridge and watch Hell or High Water, a tale of determination and tenacity and the building of the Bridgewater canal.

Again from 7.30pm, call MK 678514.

With events happening outdoors, remember to give your bottom a break – remember to take blankets and chairs to sit on!