Rachel’s bar-room brawls and starlit weepers

Rachel Harrington...she sings about bar-room brawls!
Rachel Harrington...she sings about bar-room brawls!
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FIRST up at The Stables this week, are The Unthanks, who are live at the Wavendon site this evening, writes Sammy Jones.

But before you reach for your plastic pals, save yourselves the bother – this date is long sold-out.

New album, Last, hit the shops a couple of weeks back, to terrific reviews. Just don’t take the title literally, says the band’s pianist, producer and arranger Adrian McNally.

“The title is not meant to imply that this record is our last!” he says.

“The word is meant in its most positive definition, as a call to arms, in terms of the emotional future of mankind and of the earth itself...cynisism is often the accusation when impassioned optimism is the intention!”

That’s cleared that up...

If they play as good as they look, Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams will be an amazing way to shed a few hours this Friday evening.

Theirs is a unique blend of rock & roll, folk and quirky Americana, which goes some way to explaining why they have been called ‘the hillbilly Pink Floyd.’

Take elements of Tom Petty, Neil Diamond and Zappa, and blend and you’ll get some idea.

The Circus of Dreams also have a penchant for exotic instruments.

But we don’t want to ruin all the fun for you....

Hard to believe it may be, but T-Rex released Get It On 40 years ago.

On Saturday night, the only tribute mob officially endorsed by Bolan’s family will run through that pile of plenty that he left behind.

From Telegram Sam to Get It On and 20th Century Boy, T-Rextasy will bring back the glam.

Or hold fire on Saturday and go see The Dhol Foundation on Sunday, the collective who really do span the genres – from drum and bass to tabla, hip hop and bhangra...and then there are the folk traditions and song and dance of the Punjab.

Tickets are £16.50 and £18.50, but for another £13 per person you can eat at the venue too, by indulging in A Taste of the Punjab...veggie options are available.

It’s all quiet on Monday at the venue, but Tuesday has twice the musical pull.

In the main auditorium, The Furey’s & Davey Arthur get busy.

It’s a familiar return to the venue for the band – this date will be their 13th appearance at the haunt!

Over on Stage 2, The Kairos Quartet, a jazz blend that manages to bridge the gap between crossover appeal and serious jazz credentials, come to play for you.

Onto Wednesday we move, and Music in the Round returns with Ensemble 360, and a classic programme including works by Poulenc, Dvorak and Brahms.

Tickets are £12.50, £17.50 and a mere fiver for students.

A free pre-concert talk will roll from 7pm, and the music follows at 8pm.

Rachel Harrington will be performing songs from her third album, Celilo Falls, and its tales of bar-room brawls, starlit weepers, and the longings of lost love and family sorrow, on stage 2. Think roots, country, bluegrass and folk sounds spilling stories about the American West.

Rachel will be joined by Evan Brubaker and Colby Sander.

Tickets are £10, doors at 8.45pm.

Call with bookings on MK 280800.