‘Tune’ up and listen to real guitar virtuosity from McKee

Andy McKee is a guitar ace in the real sense
Andy McKee is a guitar ace in the real sense

TEN years ago, jazz vocalist Kate Dimbleby was making waves with her show documenting the life of Peggy Lee.

Now she is back on stage with a more general production which pulls the sweet sides of jazz, blues and country together.

Her show I’m A Woman is on stage at The Stables this evening.

Apparently, her earthly humour makes the Desperate Housewives look like members of the Salvation Army.

From Wisteria Lane to Stockwell Lane with you if you want to enjoy the versatility.

Russell Kane brings the comic factor to the venue tomorrow evening, and we can already imagine him enjoying the intimacy of the show.

Thing is, imagining is all you’ll be doing too, if you aren’t already sitting pretty with tickets in your pocket. It’s all but sold-out now.

You can try for returns, but you should pray to the lord of funny before dialling the box office...

Sociological silliness and high energy contortions are guaranteed from the small screen infiltrator, as he takes you through a show inspired by his childhood home, and christened The Castle by the neighbours...

Over on Stage 2, Rob Halligan and Gareth Davies-Jones will give you a fresh brand of acoustic roots.

Wootton Jazz Night takes care of Saturday when the Upper School & Arts College will blow you away with a fusion of big band, jazz, blues and soul sounds.

Take a ticket for a tenner.

Sunday evening belongs to Andy McKee, a guitarist of immense talent whose capabilities at the fret haven’t been lost on the great public either.

Incredibly, his dedicated online community has totalled him YouTube video views in excess of 80 million plays.

And nope, that’s not a slip at the’puter. We really do mean 80 million!

Self-taught, the Kansas-based talent has released five albums, and also played on Josh Groban’s mult-platinum Christmas opus, which was cunningly titled Noel.

Andy will knock you out in the very best sense if you give him the chance to.

Stringmanship and wit in abundance for just £16.

Colin Blunstone leaves his Zombies cohorts at home to head out on a short solo tour – an anniversary trip marking the 40th anniversary since the release of his debut solo album, One Year.

On Tuesday evening, the tour stops off in Wavendon.

The man with one of the best voices around will be walking through material down the years, and including Say You Don’t Mind, I Don’t Believe In Miracles and What Becomes of the Broken Hearted.

Tickets to see recent jungle-dweller Jenny Eclair in the more comfortable setting of The Stables on Wednesday evening are thin on the ground now too, but it’s worth a phone call – you might just get lucky.

The Grumpy Old Woman with the sharp tongue will be hitting the venue as her Old Dog New Tricks tour carries through.

As good as it may be we do feel that it will be lacking a certain something...a fainting-nutritionist, perhaps?

The box office will answer your queries on MK 280800.