Unmissable and emotional

Kndertransport: Emotional delivery at MK Theatre from Monday
Kndertransport: Emotional delivery at MK Theatre from Monday

The unmissable story of love and loss, ‘Kindertransport’, comes to Milton Keynes Theatre on Monday - a play that perfectly captures this bittersweet parental experience.

There is both pain and passion in the mother-daughter dynamic, an urge to mollycoddle is forever balanced by the need to teach the next generation of women to survive alone.

The juxtaposition of past and present sees a desperate mother force her nine-year-old daughter onto a train in Germany, in 1939, sending her out of danger and into the arms of strangers.

Decades later, in England, a reluctant mother prepares for the departure of her grown-up daughter as she cuts the ties of childhood.

Before long, a chance discovery opens an unhealed wound and a long-buried secret is revealed.

The play paints a vivid portrait of the Kindertransport mission iself – the evacuation of 10,000 Jewish children from Germany and Austria to safety in England.

Nine-year-old Eva is separated from her parents in Hamburg and taken in by Lil Miller in Manchester.

Living under the constant threat of further evacuation, Eva must navigate cultural and linguistic barriers.

Kindertransport is an act of rememberance, particularly remembering those children who never saw their parents again.

In the year that marks the 75th anniversary of the Kindertransport undertaking, this is a timely and unmissable tale of love and loss, past and present and hope for the future.

Paula Willcox and Janet Dibley will star.

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