Will ewe be going to see sheepish Shaun?

Shaun The Sheep
Shaun The Sheep

NO-ONE wants to see a wooden performance at MK Theatre, but plenty want to see a WOOLLEN one in the coming days – Shaun the Sheep is baa-ringing his new stage show out to play in the new city, and things get under way today.

The creators of Wallace and Gromit have delivered a music and dance extravaganza that oozes good feeling, and Shaun won’t be alone.

He has all of his pals coming along for the ride – you’ll see Blitzer, Shirley, Timmy and the rest of the flock prance their way through a series of adventures right under the nose of the short-sighted farmer.

Those looking for a fleece of the action will get no better offer.

There are plenty of performances each day, too.

Good new for busy families and ankle biters wanting to catch a show between now and Sunday.

Tickets start at £10.50, or you can grab a family saver for fifty quid. Call the box office on 0844 871 7652.