A tangled web of rock!

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Like the arachnids they are named after, Black Spiders cocoon their prey and have them in their grip in the blink of an eye.

But the ten-legged version doesn’t want to eat you up, just fill you up, with a monstrous, marvellous and roarsome amount rock n roll.

The axe-ceptional quintet have been bringing the noise for the best part of eight years or so (time flies when you are having fun) and they’ve not been in these parts for ages.

Still their two slabs of dirty, potent, hard noise have always been close at hand to stave off any withdrawal issues.

Sons of the North and This Savage Land should be staples in your record collection too.

The Pete Spiby fronted dirty-sexy rabble have made friends in high-rockin’ places over the years – Ozzy famously invited them to open for him at London’s Roadhouse venue, and that gig was so well received he invited them to join the UK leg of the Ozzfest.

Over the years they have also clocked up dates with Danzig, Turbonegro and Dwarves, and toured with Aussie fliers Airborne.

If you still need convincing (what’s wrong with yer?!) former Guns N Roses ace Duff McKagan calls them ‘pure genius’.

‘Alert the media!’ said Anthrax chap Scott Ian after meeting their musical acquaintance, ‘Grandpa Metal likes something new!’

We’ve seen them in full potency at the now defunct Pitz, watched them sizzle at Sonisphere and create havoc at The Craufurd Arms, the venue which welcomes them back this Friday evening.

Forget D** L*****, the Spiders are Sheffield’s best rockin’ export. Without doubt.

‘Crotch-sodden sleaze-rock’ some have called it, but we’ll let you draw your own conclusion.

Doors open at 7.30pm and tickets are on sale at a tenner in advance.

If you want double the excitement for your ticket price, get along nice and early and let your ears loose on the sounds made by Beasts.

The London-based trio released their new single My Girl Is A Serpent on Monday, and it’s an engaging, riff-heavy slice of goodness.

There’s a definite buzz around these boys and with just cause.

Doors at 7.30pm.