Locked in a Room Milton Keynes announces brand new escape activity

The popular escape franchise has reopened in Milton Keynes.

Tuesday, 29th June 2021, 2:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th June 2021, 2:52 pm

Locked in a Room Milton Keynes is back open for business and is promising a new quest next month.

The escape franchise is one of the businesses that had to shut down throughout lockdowns and a stop start pandemic-dominated 2020.

Now, with the rule of six in effect and indoor entertainment businesses once again open in limited capacity across the UK, families and friends can take on different themed-challenges at the activity centre.

The new game at Locked In a Room Milton Keynes

The Milton Keynes venue is also set to debutise a new game. From July there will be a new multi-escape experience.

The new game is already live in Bristol and is theme around two scientists, so it will take a lot of collective brainpower to break out of the room at speed.

A Locked in a Room spokesperson provided the following synopsis for the game set to be launched on July 19. The spokesperson said: “Samuel Pottenger and Albert Scabworthy; Two of the greatest scientists of a generation, are forever locked in bitter rivalry.

"But now, Professor Pottenger has been kidnapped, and his fabled Infinity Device has begun to melt down, threatening all life on Earth. As a last resort, Pottenger has called upon the one mind powerful enough to find his Infinity Lab and avert disaster: his oldest enemy.

"As Dr Scabworthy’s most loyal interns, can you solve the mysteries of Pottenger’s house, uncover his greatest secret, and save the universe? Prove yourself worthy, and your names will live on through Infinity…”

Work is underway to build four identical rooms, 'Infinity' an allow up to 24 players to compete against the clock, and each other, in what it calls the ultimate battle of wits.

It advises that 'Infinity' is replacing an existing game on the Milton Keynes site, so if guests want to play 'Gene' they have until July 12 to do so.

Oliver Pfaff, director, has said “We are excited to release our next chapter of the storyline to our Milton Keynes players. We have had a continual stream of requests from our customers however due to being affected by COVID we had to unfortunately postpone this.

"We are now over the moon to announce Infinity is back on track and will be completed on July the 19th, ready to challenge the brains of our Milton Keynes escapees of all ages and team sizes."

Once Covid-restrictions are lifted the site on 12th street will have a full capacity of 48.