Travel through time at this weekend’s History Festival

History Festival
History Festival
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The smell of bread baked in clay ovens, the thud of firing muskets, and the sight of scarlet-coated soldiers in search of new recruits – this weekend’s History Festival at Milton Keynes Museum is a chance to experience rather than just reading about the city’s past.

Running from 11am to 4.30pm on Saturday and Sunday, the festival features tented encampments spanning two millennia: from Roman times through medieval Britain and the Wars of the Roses, the English Civil and Napoleonic Wars, to wartime Britain in the 1940s.

At each camp visitors will get the chance to experience hands-on how life was lived by our ancestors, from the gentle arts of weaving and wool dyeing through to wielding bow and arrow or pike on the battlefield.

The weekend will also feature circus skills, garden games as well as many displays and demonstrations from re-enactors in the costumes and uniforms of their time.

Director Bill Griffiths said: “We’re well-known for being a hands-on museum, where people don’t just look at history but can really experience it.

“The History Festival takes that to an even greater level, filling the whole site with the sounds, smells, sights and experiences of our ancestors.

“It’s a fantastic day out for the whole family!”

Usual museum charges apply, which means two adults and up to four children can enjoy a full day’s entertainment for just £22.

For a snapshot of what to expect see photos and reports from 2013 on the Museum’s website