Jessica, 9, from Milton Keynes spreads joy during lockdown with huge rainbow on driveway

Youngster gets creative in a show of support for the NHS

Creative children across the country have been busy making rainbows to display in their windows as a message of hope during the pandemic - as well as a show of support for the NHS.

But one Milton Keynes youngster has gone that step further - quite literally - and created a huge rainbow on her driveway.

Jessica's parents Antony and Caroline Valentino contacted MK Citizen to show the nine-year-old's handiwork.

Jessica Valentino with her creation

"She wasn’t content with just drawing a picture of a rainbow in our window, so she decided to create a huge rainbow design in chalk on our driveway instead.

"She’s already had delivery drivers giving her the thumbs up or waving when they see it. So her goal to spread some cheer and smiles during the Easter break has already been achieved."

Her parents are even ordering some more chalk so the Walnut Tree youngster can keep going. Come rain or shine.