Milton Keynes police to visit all primary schools in bid to prevent crime

Thames Valley Police officers visited this school as part of a new crime prevention initiative.

Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 12:05 pm
Updated Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 12:08 pm

Thames Valley Police staff visited Brooklands Farm Primary School in Countess Way as part of a crime prevention programme, yesterday (April 26).

Officers showed a video entitled 'PC Ben', which is designed to use storytelling as a way of building trust between the police and youngsters.

The video was written and illustrated by PCSO David Bullock, showing the clip allows officers to build positive relationships with those growing up in Milton Keynes going forward.

Thames Valley Police officers in Brooklands Farm Primary School

A spokesperson for the Thames Valley Police said: "The lesson material has been developed as a toolkit for the neighbourhood officers to use to help them get to know their local schools, the staff, the pupils and to begin some early relationship building.

"We know that by building trust, explaining what the police do, makes children feel safe and comfortable around police, then it helps create positive relationships in the future.The children thoroughly enjoyed the video and we loved presenting it and following the positive feedback and engagement with the children, we plan to roll it out to all the primary schools in Milton Keynes over the next few weeks."

Thames Valley Police officers are also conducting Operation Spectre in the city this week. The programme aims to prevent further knife crime in the city by providing amnesty bins allowing people to handover of bladed weapons anonymously.

Further initiatives under Operation Spectre include knife sweeps, police were searching for weapons in the Woughton area yesterday.