Milton Keynes mum left with no arms or legs sparks massive Mother's Day appeal

A mum who had both arms and legs amputated last month has prompted a massive Mother's Day appeal.

Tuesday, 6th March 2018, 11:41 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th March 2018, 12:44 pm
Kim Smith

Kim Smith, 56, was given hours to live after a kidney infection put her in a severe sepsis coma.

Doctors saved her life, but sadly the infection killed off tissue in her limbs and turned them black.

Kim was in a coma for nine weeks after falling ill in January. The family has praised intensive care staff at MK hospital for recognising the deadly sepsis so quickly.

“Mum heartbreakingly lost circulation in all four limbs and to protect her vital organs, all four limbs have since been amputated,” said her daughter Rebecca.

“Mum has been nothing but brave and heroic throughout but our lives will never be the same.”

The operation was last month, but within days the Bletchley family rallied round to find a way to cope.

Kim, who runs Stylish Events wedding decorations company, was a woman whose hands were never idle.

Her family researched the standard NHS prosthetic hands and realised they would simply not be good enough.

Now they have launched a £10,000 crowdfunding appeal to pay for private limbs.

Already the appeal has spread on social media and one woman, Lorraine Hewer, has turned it into a Milton Keynes Mother’s Day campaign. She is urging families to donate to Kim’s fund rather than buy expensive presents on the day.

Brave Kim has been nominated for a MK 2018 Inspiration Award. See for details of how you can support her.

More than £6,000 in donations have already poured into the appeal. “We’re overwhelmed by people’s kindness,” said daughter Rebecca.