Antiviral face mask that kills Covid germs on contact is developed by Milton Keynes company

A company in MK has developed an antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial face covering to help stop Covid spreading.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 29th December 2020, 6:13 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th December 2020, 6:14 pm

Akhand Armour, based in Newport Pagnell, describe themselves as a 'transmission hackers' and says their mission is to curb the rising number of new infections.

As a Covid-infected droplet hits the fabric on the face masks, it is rendered ineffective. And, if an infected person wears the mask, the viral load they breathe out will be deactivated, they claim.

The inner lining and side panels are also impregnated with the another solution that kills SARS-COV-2, the virus causing Covid-19.

"Whilst ordinary face masks do offer protection by reducing the number of droplets breathed bypassing the covering, the infected droplet can remain on

the outer fabric and therefore makes the don and doff procedure quite perilous," said company spokesperson Meena Hanspal.

"Our outer fabric deactivates the virus – on impact, therefore making the taking off and putting on of face masks less hazardous."

Meena added: "We cannot guarantee people won't get infected, but we can absolutely say we will have a significant impact upon reducing transmission...Essentially, as the infected droplet hits the fabric, it is rendered ineffective. If ineffective, it cannot mutate and cannot infect."

The antiviral masks

Akhand Armour has developed a range of products to 'directly interject in the transmission journey'. They say all are scientifically proven, ISO certified and independently tested.

They include a scarf mask hybrid called the Scarsk™, bandanas you can leave around your neck and cover your face when in heavy traffic areas, and the T4 Quad-lock Transformer with a quadruple lock system that can be changed from ear loops to behind the head.

Meena said: "We started to develop these solutions after watching our parents and friendstruggling to co-exist with their masks. It is hard to put on, take off and where do you put it when you’re not wearing it? Good mask hygiene means you’ve got to sanitise your hands before putting it on and taking it off… then not touch the outer surface… and then NOT put the same mask back on as you risk infecting yourself. It is simply not feasible to expect every person in the community to do this.

"Mask hygiene is not easy when living your daily lives. In real life, people are taking it on and off, leaving it dangling on their ears, stuffing it into their pockets or bags and then putting it back on their faces."

A ScarskTM

The Akhand Armour masks are self-sanitising and there is even a pocket mask bag, using the same antiviral technology to continuously sanitise the masks as people put them in their pockets. The company also produces neck hanging straps and adjusters.

Meena said: "The virus is circulating through the community – the community at large deserves the best possible available to them…over and above social distancing and lockdowns. When our solutions are coupled with social distancing and the other measures advised by the government, we truly believe we can force a tangible reduction in transmission.

"Our products also reduce virus mutation. Instant deactivation means the virus has no time to mutate. Everyone who wears our product will be actively

deactivating the virus whilst they move through the community. Everyone who wears our product whilst contagious will be actively reducing household



All the company's products are washable and reusable at least 30 times