Milton Keynes influencer continues to use social media for good after viral Love Island prank

The 20-year-old from Milton Keynes exposed the toxic side of social media, but now focuses on providing his swelling following with distractions during the pandemic.

Thursday, 18th March 2021, 4:25 pm
Updated Thursday, 18th March 2021, 4:26 pm

Callum, blew up, after successfully duping thousands of Love Island fans into thinking he was a contestant on the reality show.

The concept was designed to show how social media holds too much importance in people's lives. Despite Callum's deliberately amateurish photoshop job and blatant hints that he wasn't actually a Love Island contestant. When the 2019 series came round, he had more followers than every 'real' contestant.

Callum told the MK Citizen in 2020: "We wanted to tell the world that you should focus more on yourself than on social media,” By highlighting how people can live vicariously through the app, and envy or become infatuated with people, despite photos and videos often not matching true reality.

Callum Ryan from Milton Keynes, now works full-time as an influencer

A year on from that episode Callum, explained to the MK Citizen, that he was far from the only one with conflicting views on social media platforms, saying: "The reaction was amazing, you guys were the first to hop on it, but people really got the serious side of what I was trying to show."

Callum has been a social media savant for a while having first started uploading homemade videos online when he was 14, but it was really after the Love Island stunt that things became really serious.

He now lives in a house with other social media influencers so they can work on content on a full-time basis, instead of having to juggle video making with a more conventional job.

MyHouseLDN, is the name of his current residence and the joint venture already has over a million followers on TikTok. Callum insisted moving in with other ambitious creative types in the middle of a pandemic has been a blast. He added: "We've got sisters, relationships and all sorts going on, and of course like everyone we've had our ups and downs, but we really have become, one big family."

Now, over a year removed from his notorious Love Island scheme, Callum's social media aims are more simple if still important. During an unbelievably turbulent time for everybody, he uses his platform to make people laugh and distract them from real world problems.

People Callum's age are no longer going out clubbing at the weekend their sat at home looking for distractions on their phones. When asked about the reaction he's received to videos in his small role in making people happy at a desperately tough time Callum commented: "It's been crazy. It has been really heart-warming, to hear that I've been keeping people on the straight and narrow.

"I get messages from people who miss their family, genuine people, how say thanks for helping me out."

You can see Callum's handy work on TikTok here, lately he's been running McDonald's related pranks.