Miracle twins delivered to woman fighting for her life with Covid at Milton Keynes hospital

Doctors have successful delivered healthy twin girls to a woman who was in intensive care with Covid-19.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 11th January 2021, 1:09 pm
Updated Monday, 11th January 2021, 1:10 pm

Revathi Pentapati, 36, was in the final month of pregnancy when she caught the virus.

She told Channel 4 news: "I was one of those who didn't believe there was Covid. But now I have suffered, I know now there is Covid."

She was semi-conscious in the intensive care unit at MK hospital for four days, and does not remember much of that time.

Revathi cuddles one of her babies for the first time. Photo: Channel 4 News

"I do not now what happened to me there," she said.

Doctors made the decision to deliver her babies by C-section. Afterwards the tiny but healthy girls were take straight to the special care baby unit while Revathi returned to a ward, unable to even see them.

She is recovering well, but still needs oxygen. It was a seven days before she was able to see and hold her twins for the first time.

"I feel great but I miss my babies. These are my first babies," she said.

One of the miracle twins. Photo: Channel 4 News

Another maternity patient, Daniyal Rizvi, was 13 weeks pregnant when she was admitted, struggling to breathe, to MK hospital respiratory higher care this month.

“You can’t trust Covid. My husband is a highly vulnerable person. Two years ago his lungs failed and he is perfectly fine and yet look at me," she told the Guardian newspaper.

Daniyal, who is 36, and believes she caught Covid from Christmas shoppers in the busy shopping centre store where she works.

Revathi Pentapati. Photo: Channel 4 News
Frist cuddles. Photo: Channel 4 News