Plans to build an Aston Martin museum on 'treasured' allotment site have revved up residents in Milton Keynes town

The museum would be of national importance

Tuesday, 27th July 2021, 11:31 am
Updated Tuesday, 27th July 2021, 11:32 am

Land that has acted as a town's allotments for 75 years could be bulldozed to make way for a tourist trap Aston Martin museum in Newport Pagnell.

The town, which is steeped in Aston Martin manufacturing history, has been chosen as the perfect place for the new museum by the The Aston Martin Heritage Trust, which was founded by the Aston Martin Owners' Club.

The trust has currently outgrown its current location near Oxford and has been looking for a new home. And the patch of thriving London Road allotments, off Tickford Street, and close to the original Aston factory, has been deemed the perfect spot.

The Aston Martin Museum has outgrown its place near Oxford and wants to move to Newport Pagnell

Nearby land that once served as a caravan site for the town could be used for a museum car park.

The allotments are owned by Newport Pagnell Town Council, while the former caravan site is owned by Milton Keynes Council Already both councils have discussed the possibility of housing the new museum on this land,

A Newport Pagnell Town Council clerk Shar Roselman told the Citizen: "A business plan has been developed by the Aston Martin Heritage Trust for a new museum to house their collection of memorabilia and vehicles.

"The town council are proud of our historic connection to Aston Martin and believe a more established connection to Aston Martin's heritage would both help maintain our town heritage as well as potentially contributing to the town's economy"

The allotments have been part of the town for 75 years

Shar added: "Ongoing discussions with the Heritage Trust have identified land owned by the town council and currently used for allotments off of Tickford Street/Downs Field as a possible location for a purpose built Aston Martin museum.

"Milton Keynes Council, who hold responsibility for museums across the borough, owns the former caravan site land, which could be utilised as museum car parking. To support the addition of such a heritage museum both councils have discussed providing those two pieces of land to enable the museum to be established."

On a separate issue, the town council is already in the process of providing a new allotment site for the town, said Shar.

She said the possibility had also been explored of the Aston Martin trust taking over the former heritage buildings left unused in the nearby Salmon's Yard development by Redrow.

"The town council explored if these would be suitable, but they are not," she said.

Shar said no decision had yet been made about the allotments.

"it is early days yet. Funds would have to be raised, and such a development would, of course, be subject to a full planning application process during which comments, support, or objections to any proposal could be made by residents and the planning authority would decide what if anything could be built. It's at that stage that full details would become available."

Residents, however, have already got wind of the plan and some are not happy.

"These have been allotments for over 75 years, It cannot be allowed to happen," said one.

Others say there is plenty of other land in the area that could be used for a museum. "People treasure these allotments. Surely the museum can go somewhere else in the town?" said one woman.

But some people are supportive of the idea, saying it will put Newport Pagnell on the map.

" Brilliant! This is fantastic for Newport, Germany has BMW World that does very well. Look at the iconic brand we have here - it will bring people to Newport, money to spend and jobs....We should be pleased the Aston Martin owners club is putting up their money for this," said one man.