We have masts in abundance, but what is the phone signal REALLY like in Milton Keynes?

Poor signal can still be a problem in places, say residents

By Sally Murrer
Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 12:14 pm

Despite numerous masts and the roll-out of 5G, phone signal in parts of Milton Keynes still leaves a lot to be desired, say readers.

Social media is full of posts from people asking which phone company gives the best signal for certain areas.

Ironically, one of the most moaned about signal spots is at the very heart of the city - the CMK shopping centre.

Poor signal is causing frustration in parts of Milton Keynes

"I was on O2 and it was really bad inside the shopping centre. I had hardly any signal. I switched to EE and it's much better now," said one user.

Most people agreed that EE was good but still "patchy" in some areas.

"I use Tesco mobile now and don't have a problem anywhere in MK," said one resident.

Residents in Westcroft seem to be experiencing the most signal problems. "I've tried three different providers so far but none of them has had a brilliant signal. We must live in a bad area for masts," said one resident.

Another user who lives near Morrison's described his signal as "awful" and said she was unable to make calls.

One new resident who has moved to MK from London said on Facebook: "I've noticed that the signal I'm getting is pretty poor. There are loads of places around MK where I can barely make a phone call, let alone use the internet. I'm on Three at the moment."

Social media users sympathised: My husband's business is in Stony Stratford. He complains constantly about poor signal and calls going straight to voicemail. He's on 02 ... The odd thing is, it didn't use to be bad, only the last four to six months," posted one woman.

Many people complained that the online 'signal checker' websites were inaccurate in MK, stating signal was excellent when it fact it was mediocre.

"I just wish they'd tell us the truth," said one woman. "I checked the signal strength before I moved here and it said it was fine. In fact, I'm unable to even make a phone call from my own living room."

Meanwhile Milton Keynes is one of 34 places across the UK chosen to have 5G access.

Last month EE launched 5G coverage here, making it the first area in Buckinghamshire to receive this service alongside Aylesbury.