Pupils learn about the origins of Milton Keynes for MK50 project

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Schoolchildren from Emberton and Bradwell Village performed bespoke plays about the origins of Milton Keynes as a final tribute to Milton Keynes’ 50th year.

Both schools learnt about why new towns started being built in 1946, and looked at city living conditions in the 1950s and learnt about smog. They looked at how Milton Keynes is very different with its linear grid system.

They also saw interviews with original pioneers, the first people who took a gamble and came to Milton Keynes, ahead of last week’s performance.

MK Discovery Centre delivered the initial workshops making the learning accessible for the children by turning the topics into games and activities, before helping to develop the plays with the teachers and children.

“It was interesting and enjoyable to take part in this project,” said Mrs Pandya, a teacher at Emberton school.

“The children have learnt such a lot about real life local history in a way that has been enjoyable and informative. I am sure that when they are adults they will have a much greater appreciation of the city we are affiliated with and will have developed a little understanding of the social processes involved in building it.“

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